We integrate into your development team, not as testers or QA, but as engineers

We do not perceive the Software Development Process roles in a traditional way. To us, every person in this process is an engineer. What would be generally perceived as simply a tester is actually an engineer: test creator, requirement reviewer, end user, code reviewer… We don’t do test, we do QA!


We integrate into your software development process at the earliest point possible

In order to maximise results, we want to integrate into your Software Developer Process as soon as possible. Including QA after the development has already been done may be too late. Many defects can be identified and prevented as early as initial requirement definition. We don’t do test, we do QA!


Not only that we find existing defects in your software, we prevent them from ever happening

Many software defects originate from unclear requirements. By reviewing the requirements before they’re sent into implementation, the QA team can save you a lot of time and money by making sure the requirements are rock-solid. We don’t do test, we do QA!


We lower the cost of your software development process

The most expensive defects are the ones that make their way into production. Fixing the ticket in requirement reviews stage or even alpha testing phase costs just a fraction of what fixing an issue in production does. We don’t do test, we do QA!


Apart from functionality verification, we evaluate your software’s user experience

Success of your software solution often depends not only on the functionality it offers, but also its degree of usability. Thinking from user perspective, we offer insight and advice on how ti improve you’r software user experience. We don’t do test, we do QA!


We create automated acceptance scripts to make sure your software remains functional post-deployment

As if manual software quality verification is not enough, we write automated testing scripts to confirm that your software is working as expected. We don’t do test, we do QA!


We change the way you think about QA, and how it’s done!

We do all things listed, and more. Our aim is to change your perception of what QA is, and how you can use it to improve your software solution. We don’t do test, we do QA!