QAit is an agile, innovative and detail-oriented approach to software testing. We offer our team’s expertise to you and your business to deliver an immediate positive impact to your software’s quality. We can integrate into your existing QA team, or build the entire QA process for you from the ground up. Our aim is to offer support throughout the software development process, providing input at every checkpoint.

QAit is not about fancy QA talk, it’s about putting our knowledge and experience into practice to produce value for you. Unless explicitly asked to, we will not talk to you about test pyramids, whitebox/ blackbox testing, or various test strategies that you don’t really care about – where others try to impress you with strong rhetorics, we aim to do what we do best, and that is to improve quality, deliver results and cut your losses.

Regardless of whether your product is web-based, mobile or even if you’re simply baking cakes – we can help you improve. The technology you are using is irrelevant, we never focus on the tool – we focus on the method, the Quality Assurance method.

We offer:

  1. Manual testing as intended basis for your QA process. We generate the necessary testing documentation such as Test Plans and Test Suites to base test execution on, but also accommodate for exploratory testing if you need to get to production fast.
  2. Automated testing as a way to facilitate acceptance and regression testing with high test coverage, using automation frameworks such as Selenium.